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12 Jan 2020 In Search of the Perfect Blades...
The wiper blades on the new car were shot. I decided to get the Costco's Michelin blades. That was my first mistake...
23 Apr 2013 The Cost of Being Iron Man 3
Boys and grown men alike dream of filling Tony Stark's rocket-propelled shoes, but living that dream doesn't come cheap...
7 Jan 2013 Severity of Bugs: Are We Doomed?
The cost of bugs in software...
10 Oct 2012 How Much Would a Real James Bond Cost Taxpayers?
How much would James Bond cost to operate?
31 Jul 2012 The Cost of Being Iron Man
Batman: $682 million? Iron Man?
30 Jul 2012 The Cost of Being Batman
How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?
25 Jun 2012 Can You Afford to Die?
The High Cost of Dying in America...
19 Jun 2012 The True Cost of Car Ownership
We all know that the cost of a car doesn't end at its purchase price...
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