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10/28/19 Trauma Center
December 6
10/31/18 The World’s Most Creative Data Centers
Data centers are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components.
2/7/18 Kidney Stone Removal Surgery
Surgery went as planned, post-op not so much, moving to the ICU overnight.
5/24/16 Liver Center
Waiting for my first appointment at the Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Center...
5/14/16 Discharge Papers
They are kicking me out of here today. Just waiting for my orders.
5/11/16 Room Without a View
Back in the hospital, had a couple surgeries. Bed rest yesterday, but I should be able to take a stroll today.
11/23/08 Gold Class Cinemas: Premium Cinema Experience
For my birthday I was given a gift certificate to the Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas in Redmond Town Center. Yesterday, we went and saw Quantum of Solac...
9/18/07 WebGuide is Now Free
WebGuide allows you to remotely view live and recorded TV programs and to remotely schedule and manage your recorded television programs, music, pictures and...
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