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4/30/12 WTF Is CISPA?
CISPA: What Is It and Why Should We Care?
11/13/11 Act Of Valor
Act of Valor uses active duty U.S. Navy Seals as actors. The characters they play are fictional, but the weapons and tactics used are real.
3/14/11 Tell Congress to give you a five-year wireless tax and fee break
Received the following this morning... Dear Member, Need a break from excessive taxes and fees on your wireless bill? Help could be on the way...
9/27/07 Judge Rules Provisions of Patriot Act Unconstitutional
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that two provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional because they allow search warrants to be issued without a sho...
9/3/07 Dirty Secret: Green Cars Automakers Won't Sell You
Not only can't you buy one, but the government says it's currently illegal for automakers to sell these green cars outside of the special states. Under terms...
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