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7 Dec 2017 Acts of Violence
Official Trailer, Bruce Willis
22 Jul 2016 Justice League Action
Comic-Con 2016 Highlight Reel
13 Jun 2012 A World Without Internet
Imagine if the Internet never existed...
30 Apr 2012 WTF Is CISPA?
CISPA: What Is It and Why Should We Care?
2 Mar 2012 Work Is Murder
Over 80% of Americans work in jobs that require little to no physical activity, and the effects are starting to show.
13 Nov 2011 Act Of Valor
Act of Valor uses active duty U.S. Navy Seals as actors. The characters they play are fictional, but the weapons and tactics used are real.
14 Mar 2011 Tell Congress to give you a five-year wireless tax and fee break
Received the following this morning... Dear Member, Need a break from excessive taxes and fees on your wireless bill? Help could be on the way...
2 Jan 2011 Making Fries with Actifry
Our first try at making fries with the Tefal Actifry I got for my birthday. We overcooked them a bit. We didn't hear the timer stop. I was in the office and...
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