Don't Close this Window!

Mar 19, 2004
1 min read

moviesNo Man's Land

I just walked in living room while the telly was on. No Man's Land is playing on SHO. It just hit me. The Fast and The Furious was nothing more than an modern copycat.

Cute, blond, undercover cop tries to infiltrate car ring run by a charismatic leader and falls in love with the sister. Cool cars too.


JavaSun != Java

Rick pointed out to me that IBM's Bob Stutor was quoted as saying: “So, fundamentally, it is a mistake thinking that Sun equals Java, Java equals Sun”.

Where have I heard this before?

PersonalDon't Close this Window!

I can't stop myself. I tried, but not matter what, I always close opened windows/tabs. It really doesn't help that I am also a shortcut freak. I don't even think about it, I just do it.

Maybe it comes from years of using Macs, pre-OS X. Having multiple applications opened at once wasn't such a good idea at the time.

It is really unproductive.