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javaEncyclopaedia Britannica Enters New Era with Java Technology.

javaQuiz: Struts in Action.

javaMacBinary Toolkit for Java Updated.

javaBuilding a sample Web App with Struts, Part 2.

java blogDan — IKVM.NET.

java blogFred — Nokia Dev Studio J2ME 1.1 Install problems? No problems here.

blogRuss — Slashdotted Spanish Style: BarraPunto.

java blogCedric — Javadoc makes me sad.

blogChuq — 9th Circuit refuses to review Pledge ruling.

javaTeamstudio announces Java audit tool upgrade. Edition 2 of the Analyzer for Java.


javajEdit 4.1 now available.

java blogGiulio — PrologConsole, tuProlog and jEdit.

java blogJFtp 1.06, a graphical FTP client.

multimediaOdyssey is no iPod, but its cheaper.

newsSupermarkets Check Out Self-Checkout. Nothing new. Our local Costco had a similar program in testing a couple years back.

newsFDA proposes ephedra warnings; ban possible. Xenadrine, Stacker 2... I tried them all... once. Energy boosters, yeah. Fat loss, nothing significant.


javaSuperWaba 3.41, a Java Virtual Machine that can be run in Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE and AppletViewer.

javaJNIWrapper 1.2 and WinPack released.

blogSimon — Extreme Programming Applied.

java blogPatrick — My MVC is bigger than your's.

java blogDave — New Free SWT Desktop Blotter Control.

java blogJoey — Latest Nightly Eclipse Re-Adds Editor Linkage.

wirelessWireless portable keyboard for Pocket PCs. Using the IR port.


newsLatest ID theft scam: fake job listings.

netHacker hacking could be legal. Striking back at computers that are attacking a company could be legal under federal nuisance laws.

netCalifornia dreamin' of Net sales tax. California is considering taxing e-commerce.

technologyUnderstanding LDAP (part 1).

javaPDF and Java, an overview of using Java to interact with PDF files.

AdultPlayboy seeks latte ladies. Starbucks' baristas to pose nude.


meI just got off the phone with my mom. The surgery lasted about 4 hours, and she seems to be doing quite well.

The pain appears to be much more manageable than the first time around. She actually sounded very upbeat.

The surgeon hasn't visited her yet; we'll know more then.

javaJ2SE 1.4.1_02 is out! Downloading it right now...

java blogDavid — blojsom 1.4 ... plugins, aggregation, and categories.

java blogNeill — launching javaw properly from dos bat file, and other simple tips..

blogDanny — SVG View of Blogosphere.


blogJoe — officially sucks.

javajtopas, Java tokenizer and parser tools.

netTop 10 e-commerce security flaws exposed. Web server flaws, poor authentication mechanisms...

newsPentagon spy database moves forward. A controversial data-mining project aimed at compiling electronic dossiers on Americans.

java blogMatt — Struts-Resume 0.6 Released!


technologyDoJ cracks down on piracy. How long until the use of any MOD chips will be prohibited?

java blogHenri — simple-jndi v0.4.

java blogGlen — Hibernate + XDoclet = Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

javaJamit, the Java Access Modifier Inference Tool can be used on Java class-files to infer tighter access modifiers.

javaJSAP, the Java-based Simple Argument Parser.

java blogMatt — Taglibs Standard 1.0.3 Released.

blogDave — Hypothetically Speaking...

windowsAttribute Changer 5.0 Beta 2 Released.

multimediaIs it finally time for the videophone? The “#” key on your telephone is actually a holdover from AT&T's ill-fated videophone plans.

windowsJonas emailed me about Gabe's TypOmeter, a utility which measures how much you are typing, and the speed you are typing with. Thanks!

javaJava Performance Tuning Newsletter, no. 27.

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (Architecture): Decide if vendor-neutrality is important to you.

Fifty years ago, on Feb. 28, 1953, scientists James D. Watson and Francis HC Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule that contains the human genes.