Twits Du Jour

Sep 17, 2008
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  • Twits Du Jour #
  • Watching Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN. I don't really know why; I really don't like his republican... err... independent views. #
  • Ecolabels and Green Certification Schemes: An independent database of eco labels, certifications, etc. A.. #
  • Updating my Zune to 3.0, had to dust it off first. #
  • iTunes Export: Playist Exporter: iTunes Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to.. #
  • Zune is still syncing. I erased all of the content first, might take a while. #
  • @fkoehn Even worse... I bought one before buying an iPod. :-P #
  • Does it really matter if you use the 'R' headphone on the right ear, etc.? #
  • @dalmaer You're like a rock star now, man. ;-) #
  • Zune 3.0 still doesn't do volume normalizing. What a joke. #
  • Is middle America too racist for Obama to win? #
  • "Hello. I want to solicit your attention to recieve money on my behalf" -- If they keep on sending them, they gotta be somewhat effective. #
  • Crude oil plummets to below $100/barrel. No effect seen at the pump. #
  • Time for bed. Sunrise was 10 min ago. #
  • @RussB Same here. I even installed Live Messenger to block anyone I don't know t, but it doesn't carry over to Pidgin. #
  • Chevy Volt #
  • Stop! Shower time! #
  • 4 minutes... until the roast is ready. Already got the carving knife out. #
  • Tatango - Connecting Groups Through Group Text Messaging: Trying it now. Always interested in seeing wha.. #
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