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August 9, 2012


Twits du Jour (August 8)

  • @gerikson Not that suprising. Apple has a long history of suing partners. #
  • @talios @gerikson I thought they were going to shift like 50% of the production to Sharp and somebody else, LG, maybe? #
  • @gerikson Yeah, I don't see how tha'ts helping innovation. And it's not about patents anyways. It's about cross-licensing deals... #
  • @koehntopp All phone manufactuers do these kind of in-house product comparisons. Big freakin' whoop. #
  • @koehntopp Get back to me when Samsung has presented his case, you're just hearing Apple' side right now. #
  • @gerikson @koehntopp They don't have patents of most of the UI stuff. They are trying to *prove* that Samsung copied the phone as a whole. #
  • @gerikson That's pretty good. Can't stand Coldplay either. #
  • @koehntopp If they had patents for most of that stuff, they would. But they don't. #