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July 18, 2012


Twits du Jour (July 17)

  • @ultramookie You've got a standing invitation for whenever you're in the area. I'll gladly cook for ya. :-) #
  • @ultramookie Herbes de Provence on the potatoes, and a bit of paprika on the chicken. Some garlic salt and ground pepper too. #
  • RT @redgirlsays: My god, Steve Wozniak carries a crazy amount of electronics in his backpack when he travels. via @mat #
  • RT @wired: Get this: Google+ just trounced Facebook in user satisfaction #
  • RT @ultramookie: everything is killing me... #
  • RT @RussB: My Y! Mobile Strategy Decks from 2005 #
  • @RussB The Samsung Galaxys do that with "Hi, Galaxy." Not sure it's low-powered though. #