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April 24, 2010


Twits du Jour (April 23)

  • Erik's Tumbles - The Last Airbender 3rd Trailer #
  • RT @dalmaer: RT @kangax: Mozilla finally nukes default blue borders on linked images (similar to WebKit and Opera) — #
  • Wasn't Facebook just bragging about being able to handle billions of like requests? I guess not. #
  • @vbehzadi Thanks. Glad you like it. It isn't an official app though. #
  • RT @KING5Seattle: New apps offer cheap - even free - tunes: #iphone #
  • Spent most of the day troubleshooting Vicki's PowerBook. Looks like the latest Airport update made here wifi unreliable. #
  • @Big_Red89 Let me know how it works for you. #
  • @Dropbox Just installed it. Looks great, and seems to work like charm. #dropbox #android #
  • @dpatricklewis I'm still brainstorming on it. Unfortunately webOS' current base64 encoding routine is not well suited for large docs. #
  • @Novacharter Did everything else worked as expected with for webOS? #
  • @dulcedosa Thanks for the mention. #
  • @dpatricklewis Thanks. Glad to hear you like it. #
  • Prime example of our local government inability to manage budgets & reduce spending. Raising taxes is much easier #
  • RT @LanceUlanoff: Guy Says He's "Banned for Life" from Buying iPads But couldn't he just go to Best Buy? #
  • @silentpenguin It all depends on content. If it's all PR, a news feed is plenty. #
  • I wish Google Calendar would stop sending me "You have no events scheduled today" emails when there's nothing on my agenda. #
  • I've created a monster. Now that my mom knows how to use WiFi, she goes to MickeyD's to check her email, or steals from a neighbor. #
  • @jimh I'm sure Microsoft has something for you. :-P #
  • @jimh What don't you like about Google Reader? #