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June 18, 2009


The Front

Heard another one on 'Les Grosses TĂȘtes' today:

On the war front, at night, a shell lands near a soldier. Succumbing to panic, the soldier flees... He runs and runs. Suddenly, in total darkness, he bumps into another person who is proudly standing there, unfazed.

"Excuse me, Sergeant."

"I'm not a Sergeant, Soldier."

"Sorry, Lieutenant."

"I'm not a Lieutenant either, Soldier. I'm a General."

"Really? I'm already that far from the front?"


Twits du Jour (June 17)

  • @rcarmo It took several tries, but I was able to update all of my apps. #
  • I guess I'm eligible for a $399/$499 upgrade pricing on the iPhone 3GS, or $599/$699 with no contract renewal. #
  • @RussB Funny you should say that, I just installed TweetDeck on my iPhone, makes even less sense. #
  • Best iPhone 3.0 feature is searchlight, hands down. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Samurai Fail #
  • RT @rickross: Funny (and true!) @DZone "How users report bugs, and how programmers receive them [comic]" #