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June 16, 2009


Facebook is so smart...

Facebook's AI is so damn smart it has somehow figured out that I speak French. At least it is the only reasonable explanation as to why they keeps on sending me reminders in French...

So they can handle a bazillion vanity URLs in a split second, but can't deal with one person's primary language preference?

Maybe they should rename themselves Freedombook...

Twits du Jour (June 15)

  • There is nothing like being called at 10pm to tighten pipes under a neighbor's sink. A plumber I am not. #
  • Mobile site testing w/ iPhone, HTC Touch Cruise, Nokia E71 & G1 (emu). Gotta love WiFi. SIM swapping would be a bitch. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - PureSync: Synchronize folders and files, automatic backups, photo sync. #
  • RT @koehntopp: PureSync Makes File Backup and Synchronization Simple [Downloads] #
  • Listening to "Les Grosses Têtes" which I haven't heard in close to 20 years... Still pretty darn funny. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Investment Win #
  • @Moof Smells fishy to me. ;-) #
  • RT @Moof: WTF? Sushi-scented cologne?! #