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January 1, 2009


Twits du Jour

  • Samsung released a new firmware for my Blu-ray player. Kung Fu Panda will have to wait a little bit. #
  • M$ posted a 'fix' for the frozen Zune 30s: Wait until the New Year. #
  • The Prius definitely doesn't like the cold. 39.4 is a far cry from the 52.7 mpg we averaged before the snow started. #
  • Thanks to @diathesis and @lando411 for letting me know I got caught in the great Zune mass-outage of '08. #
  • @gerikson The iPod is working fine, thank you. ;-) #
  • My Zune froze in its cradle. None of the reset key combos work. I guess I'll have to wait until the battery is fully drained. #
  • @DidierGirard Let me know if you can. I use it on mobibot, and it is pretty nifty. #