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February 14, 2004

Wedding Anniversary


usToday's a big day for us, not only is it Valentine's Day, it is also our Wedding Anniversary. We're going back to the Café de Paris for dinner.

javaIntelliJ IDEA 4.0 released.

javaEric Raymond – Open Letter to Sun: Let Java Go.

java blogDiego — snipsnap: wow.

mobile blogRuss — DEMO Update.

mobile blogDavid — Revolutionary New Bluetooth Feature.

java blogAnthony — dynaop.

java blogNeil — Tiger Startup Time.

java blogBill — M7 Ant Support - its the little things that count.

java blogGlen — Apples and Oranges.

java blogKevin — Java is not something I'm going to pay for.

mac blogEddy — iChat AV 2.1 Beta out!

java blogDavid — Generics Tutorial Coming Soon.

java blogGregg — Java IDE's - One Thing Missing.

java blogAdrian — The real big deal with Eclipse 3.0M7 ...

java blogGerald — The Free Java Runtime Matrix @ UserLinux.

java blogKen — Eclipse and the "The Fifteen Minute Test".

java blogWeiqi — J2SDK 1.5.0 Beta 1, Class File Versions, Compatibility... The first non-English PayPal site has just been launched.

tvAngel cancelled. The fifth season of Angel to be the last. Bummer.

mobile javaEclipseME 0.2.0. Bug fixes, requires Eclipse 3.0M7, package obfucation and debugging support.

javaJPluck 2.1 pre 2. A Plucker document creation toolkit.

pcNew Dell Inspiron XPS Gaming Notebook. TechTV review.

windows blogLuke — ReSharper first impressions.

sponsorToday's sponsor is ReportMill Software.