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January 5, 2004



meErik's Pulse has been published.

java blogGuillermo — Java Tools Community Press Conference.

javaJSwat Java Debugger 2.19, a JPDA based graphical Java debugger.

blogMike — Is Any Bank Not Taking Part In The Google IPO?

java blogGerald — Scripting Language of the Year 2003 Award - And The Winner Is...

netDonkey Kong JR. Flashy.

blogDavid — Syndication feed cleanup (GZIP Filter and Conditional GET plugin).

java blogDave — Scamming Technorati.

musicReal to launch AAC format music store. Advanced Audio Coding wrapped in Real's own Helix DRM technology, won't work on iPods.

python blogChuq — Hiring time...

development blogAnthony — SELECT @@IDENTITY.

blogAaron — Unspeakable Things.


blogMatthew — 7 million and counting and Dave on Fawcette.

blogJoshua — 2004: the year of the Net-App.

blogMark — XML Tutorials.

java blogMark — IDEA EAP #1071.

java blogWouter — JBoss Tutorials.

blogDanny — Smalltalk free books

windowsReview: Windows XP SP2 Beta.

mobile blogFrank — The quest for the ultimate mobile office.

mobile blogMatt — We need a mobile-oriented top-level domain.

mac blogMatt — My Predictions for MacWorld Announcements.

macCodeTek announces VirtualDesktop 3.0.

netCalifornia eases up on Net phone rules and California Debuts New Online Privacy Laws.

blogMike — We Need To Regulate TiVos Now?

musiciTunes DRM cracked wide open for GNU/Linux. DVD Jon unpicks locked music.

blogPaul — MTOtherBlog (v 0.25).

tvTiVo sues EchoStar over DVR patent. "Multimedia time warping system" patent.


pythonPython UnZipped. Creating, extracting, and adding to Zip archives using the standard zipfile module.

java blogDaniel — Agile Resolutions.

blogCarlos — Anemic Domain Model and SOA.

blogTom — Anonymous confessions weblog.

blogKevin — Nick Bradbury on software piracy.

java blogDion — Article: In pursuit of perfection. New Year Resolutions for Java.

java blogMartin — Fedora and JDK 1.3.1.

blogPinocio — On so-called Anemic Domain Model.

blogSimon — Joss Stone: A 'Norah Jones' moment.

blogEric — Big List of Blog Search Engines.

moblogMike — PocketMac now for MS Smartphones!

blogPaul — GNU celebrates 20th anniversary.

pcNew 2GB hard drive source for 'Mini iPods'? 2GB Cornice Storage Element.

linuxLinux: 2.4.24 Stable Kernel, fixes a vulnerability in the mremap() syscall which could be used to gain root privileges.

netBetter search results than Google? and Grokker could be the future of search.

musicBitTorrent users chuckling over Pew peer-to-peer report. Isn't it possible that more of the trafficking is just moving off the radar? Duh!

moblogSam — CES: A-Z.

java blogDaniel — XDoclet for Multiple Targets.

java blogFred — Code Generation in J2ME.


blogAnthony — Anemic Domain Model Reactions.

python blogMark — feedparser 2.7 is out.

blogPaul — Will Apple's innovations and influence ever translate into market share?.

python blogSimon — JavaScript in Python.

macRoxio unveils Toast With Jam 6.

macMacWorld SF 2004 Keynote Satellite Coordinates. The satellite coordinates for the MacWorld San Francisco 2004 Keynote speech.

macMacWorld SF 2004 Keynote Satellite Coordinates. The satellite coordinates for the MacWorld San Francisco 2004 Keynote speech.

javaJCE taglib for JSP 1.0RC, an open source JCE (strong encryption) JSP taglib.

netNetcraft: Go Daddy, The Planet Continue Strong Growth.

moviesNorway throws in the towel in DVD Jon case. No more appeals.

java blogDion — Opinion: Object Identity and how JDK 1.2+ removed a core feature.


developmentXML Validation Structures: DTDs and schemas.

java blogBlitz Project, an open source JavaSpaces implementation designed to ease development and deployment of JavaSpaces technology.

blogMatt — openMosix Summit 2004.

moblogTom — Nokia says 3G isn't for video calls - yet and Why operators love SMS.

moblogFrank — Fight credit card fraud with SMS.

macMac site to give live SMS updates of MacWorld. MacTeens.

musicSongwriters Say Piracy Eats Into Their Pay. Songwriters think of themselves as the unsung victims of Internet music piracy since their incomes can depend on royalties...

java blogAnthony — Server-side AWT.

java blogRuss — Azureus And Sun's Big Mistake.

java blogCharles — Huge Improvements in Java Performance, JavaGrande and Challenging C++ Performance.

java blogSam — Object Identity and why JDK 1.0.2/1.1 was better than 1.2+ .

blogSimon — file format book downloadable.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

blogDan — Director Gets JavaScript! Hooray!

blogChiara — All these buzz words make me sick.

blogKeith — Links.

blogLars — DocBook NG - first preview.

blogCedric — A trip back with father Tiresias.

blogRoland — Express Yourself — Correctly.

macMWSF Keynote QuickTime Stream Announced.

javaJASA 0.25, a high-performance auction simulation software in Java.

linuxTutorial: Demystifying the

musicRIAA Crackdown May Be Slowing Music Downloading. The percentage of Americans who download music online has been sliced in half, according to a report released Sunday.

usWe spent the night at Vicki's sister, dog-sitting while she's out of town.

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