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October 2, 2003

The AdSense Free Zone


moblogFrank — MobileMT.

java blogHenri — Commons-Lang: Justify your existence.

blogDominic — Xen and the Art of Virtualization.

java blogJoshua — I have seen the light.

java blogMatt — Packaging Velocity.

java blogRoss — My Eclipse Wish List.

java blogEugene — Back to work. Future projects.

javaJavaBot TNG 0.3, a Java IRC bot.

mobileNew Microsoft Smartphone on October 8th. Samsung's i600?

technologyAllaire on Lookout for Hot Technologies . Jeremy talks about what he feels are the industry's hot trends.

technologySculley: Still looking for the 'wow'. From where he sits, John Sculley enjoys a panoramic view of the IT landscape.

moblogJim — P900 On The Launch Pad.


meAndrew Orlowski at The Register has written an article recounting my Google AdSense tales.


javaCreate Web services using Apache Axis and Castor. How to integrate Axis and Castor in a Document-style Web service client and server.

javaBuild and implement a single sign-on solution. Integrate an open source, Java-based authentication component into a Web portal.

javaEmbedding the HSQLDB database server into Eclipse, Part 1. How to write a plug-in that integrates the HSQLDB database server into the Eclipse Workbench.

javaJOnAS 3.3, an Open Source implementation of the J2EE specification.

javaFlux 5.1 Job Scheduler, a full-featured job scheduler with completely open Java, J2EE, XML, and web services APIs.

javaOpenCms, an Open Source Website Content Management System.

linuxSCO to Yank SGI's Unix License. In line to become the next target.

moblogMatt — The Laptop Has Landed and The Xen Virtual Machine Monitor.

blogRuss — Sun is Hiring and Google Tightens The Screws.

moblogFred — Updated WME toolkit.

java blogPatrick — Where there is Smoke, there's usually fire (Maven releases).

java blogHani — More maven bashing.

java blogPrabhu — Get a List of IP Addresses assigned to an interface card and PackageForTheWeb from installshield.

blogBrent — Stuffit Expander 8 Bug.

java blogNiel — Simple and Practical J2ME Applications and MIDP 1.0 is Still Relevant.

javaExchanger XML Browser 1.1, an XML browser framework written in Java.

technologyEclipse (12 million downloads) shows big progress. Typical download day: 30K kits.

netZoneCheck 2.0.0b8, a DNS zone checking tool.

gadgetsJames Bond cigarette lighter camera. JB1.

wirelessApple seeks Wi-Fi hotspot promoter. Wants to show wireless doesn't end with Centrino.

mobile javaMobility Resources. Resources for Wireless Java Technology Developers.

java blogAlan — Please sign new Spin Java Petition.


java blogDion — Maven bashing.

blogDominic — LonghornBlogs is live.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

blogJeremy — Sweet Google Justice and Injustice.

blogKeith — Angel. Good start.

java blogNorman — Java Virtual Machine != Java Language.

blogTodd — Ring Ring "Hello" this is the RIAA calling!

pcHP's next Tablet PC. TC1100.

java blogAlan — Wake me up when the JVM actually ships with Palm.

blogDiego — breaking news: email is broken and more on rss-data.

java blogRuss — RSS-Data: Pull Based Method Calls for Client Apps.

moblogGuy — Official: hackers have broken into GPRS billing.

newsHybrids Can Be Cheap to Make, Toyota Says.

java blogMarkus — SearchAssist is pretty cool.

netEuropean web hosting company launches in US. 1&1 Internet.

On October 2, 1959 — “The Twilight Zone” debuted on CBS-TV. The show ran for 5 years for a total of 154 episodes.