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September 29, 2003



meErik's Pulse has been published.

musicFew Takers For RIAA's "Clean Slate". 838 takers.

blogMatt — Kses: A PHP HTML/XHTML Filter.

blogStuart — The last defense in computer security. The oldest trick in the book; people rarely question someone wearing a uniform.

javaJTLT 0.3, a templating system for Java.

linuxGaim 0.70, implements Yahoo's new authentication mechanism.

moblogJeremy — Buzz2Talk.

java blogAdam — Java Macros with Jatha. $50 Off All New PDAs Over $250. Just in time for Xmas.


javaJava Opportunities and Challenges in a 64-bit World: Solutions with the Intel Itanium Processor Family and BEA WebLogic JRockit .

java blogAndreas — Maven 1.0 RC1 released.

java blogPrabhu — Simple Java Port Scanner.

java blogPaul — SCSL source for JDK 1.4.2 available.

zaurusAnother Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 review. InfoSync World.

newsBush signs no-call bill; FCC says it will enforce it. Starts on Wed.

moblogMatt — Is My 3650 Obsolete? (or Here Comes the 3660?)

javaEnhydra 5.1: Open Source Java/XML application server.

music52 of 261 Song Download Suits Are Settled. Payments ranged from $2,500 to $7,500 each, with at least one settlement for as much as $10,000.


blogMatt — Broadband Bandwidth Limitations.

java blogKevin — JQuery Eclipse source code browser.

java blogA San Juan — Java Desktop the Soap Opera.

javaJava Specialists' Newsletter: MemoryCounter for Java 1.4.

moblogRuss — 160 Characters, Lotus Workspace: The Beginning of the End for Lotus and Symbian needs a Runtime!.

blogJeremy — Another Online Music Store.

blogScott — Ten technologies that deserve to die.

blogMarc — iWebCal.

blogRogers — Calling real police for virtual crimes.

javaJZlib 1.0.3, zlib written in Java.

newsMicrosoft Sends Takedown Notice for Deceptive?


javaJodd: a generic purpose Java library and a jsp mvc2 framework.

javaJXP 1.3.1, a fast XPath API.

blogjSNMP Enterprise 3.2.2, the Java SNMP API.

javaFastParser 1.6.2, a fast XML parser.

blogMatt — Cracking Roundup Gromit! and My New Laptop: HP ze4330us.

java blogMatthew — Mobile navigation.

java blogBrian — Functional Style in Java, Part 2: Half-Beans.

java blogRusty — Norm Walsh has posted the third beta of DocBook 4.3.

java blogEddy — Understanding Orion class loading.

java blogDavid — blojsom 2.02 available.

java blogMarc — swt-designer finally out.

blogPaul — Some Thoughts on StAX.

java blogMike — Interesting XP article about WTC and Got Java skills? Want an awesome job? :)

java blogA San Juan — Java Secures World's Citizens.

java blogHani — A new village idiot award.

blogVinny — New books from Addison-Wesley.

java blogMohd — Doing a String cast or a .toString()?

blogMitch — Chandler 0.2.

blogErik — Smartcast.

blogCharles — Not So Let Down Any More.

zaurusSharp to plot worldwide Linux PDA plan. Hot clamshell Zaurus may yet ship outside Japan.

usWe went to see The Rundown over the weekend. It made it to number one at the box office.

On September 29, 1994 — The U.S. House voted to end the practice of lobbyist buying meals and entertainment for members of Congress.