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May 9, 2003

Pass on Passport


booksO'Reilly: Mac OS X for Java Geeks.

developmentLeverage a Coding Cheat Sheet. Total .NET SourceBook is a handy code-sample repository that has excellent potential for encouraging development standards.

wirelessIM for WiFi from Trepia.

blogBernard — The Tao Of Programming.

java blogLuke — New Java language features.

java blogGregory — JDK1.5 Enhanced For Loop - THANK YOU SUN!

blogBrent — NetNewsWire 1.0.2b8.

blogCarlos — Is there Hope for C#?

blogChuq — Sendmail and Mac OS X.

javaJWarp 1.0.5, aa component framework that helps building large servlet applications.

javaJHDL 0.3.28, a Java-based Hardware Description Language.

pdaYet another review of the Sharp Zaurus 5600.

netWhat's a Wiki? While blogs are the hot topic in Web-based communication forums, wikis are growing in popularity and are unique forums in a number of ways.


meI just finished updating my FOAF file. Thanks Jim for the help.

moblogRuss — Opera for Series 60: Not Ready For Prime Time.

moblogFrank — Siemens and Universal to offer mobile content for UMTS.

moblogMartin — T-Mobile Offer WiFi Subscription On Cellular Bill.

blogMatt — I dig the redesign... and How to control access with Jabber?

java blogAndres — j2SE 1.5 features discussed. offers specials for new iPod owners. Buy a new iPod from Apple and you'll receive a one-month trial of AudibleListener from

musicApple removing songs from iTunes Music Store? Apple may have added over 3,200 new tracks to the iTunes Music Store on Tuesday, but it seems that they are also removing songs too...

macO'Reilly ‘Mac OS X Innovators Contest’ open for entries.

pdaUse Your PDA As A Secure 'Wallet'. Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) Point & Pay.

java blogFred — How Many Independent Developers Join JCP? and Free Research in Wireless and Mobile.

blogStefan — Europe's Top 100 Startups.

newsBionic Eye Can Allow Blind To See. Forget Lasik, get ready to just throw out your eyes.


netMillions of .Net Passport Accounts Put at Risk.

mobile javaO2 Invites Java Developers. O2 announced that Revolution opened its doors to Java application developers.

blogRussell — Those who Live by Google...

blogDavid — Google to create blog search engine?

blogBernard — Microsoft Admits Passport Security Flaw.

moblogMatt — Where to put the password in moblogger-enabled e-mails?

java blogMike — Cool Maven Plugin Tutorial.

blogBrent — Second Mac OS X Innovators Contest.

blogFrançois— Google & BlogNoise.

java blogCarlos — A Subscription Plan for Eclipse.

blogScott — PayPal growth continues.

pcGateway shifts from PCs to TVs. The computer maker, battered in recent years by competition from Dell and HP, vows to transform itself into a consumer electronics brand.

netAmazon CFO calls sales tax on Internet purchases “inevitable”.

pdaAOL 2 for Pocket PCs now out.

tvNYT: TiVo to License Basic Service for DVD Players.

pcNvidia admits GeForce FX 5800 ‘not successful’.

On May 9, 2000 — A U.S. federal appeals court upheld a $5.4 million jury decision that Michael Bolton had plagiarized parts of the song “Love is a Wonderful Thing.” The original song, of the same name, was released in 1966 by the Isley Brothers.