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March 31, 2003

Windows DNS Cache


blogFreeMarker 2.2 Final, a “template engine” to generate text output (anything from HTML or RTF to autogenerated source code.)

java blogSimon — TagUnit 0.9 released.

linuxOpenSSH 3.6 Released.

java blogDominic — Tomcat JDBCStore for Session Persistence.

java blogEric — Ideas for Eclipse Books.

java blogBob — StringBuffer memory leak.

java blogErik — JavaPro book review.

moblogFrançois — La fin des PDA?

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (Presentation): Use HttpSession sparingly.

blogDanny — Quick References.

java blogMatt — Why Does SourceForge Suck?

blogAndy — It has come to my attention.

macApple drops to 381 on Forbes 500. Apple dropped 92 places from 289 last year.

java blogKumar — Eclipse: Mirror for faster downloads here.


javaJisp, uses B-tree indexes for keyed access to variable-length serialized objects stored in files.

java blogMatt — JDK 1.4.1 - Memory Leak Bug in StringBuffer.toString(). Ouch!

java blogAndres — A surefire way to get attention.

macMac OS X Support for the Samsung i330 phone. Missing Sync from Mark/Space.

humorThe Bastard wants to know — How's your interviewing style?

technologyOracle aims low with App Server. Spelling BEA.

blogJim — Blogshares a-go-go! Doing my share. ;-)

blogMatt — Crucial Rocks!

java blogThomas — Strict typed interfaces.

javajPDF-Template, a commercial server side component designed to dynamically generate PDF documents from templates.

linuxSnag the Red Hat 9 ISOs, via Cash or BitTorrent. 50+ hours over BitTorrent. It'll be available via ftp by the time it is done. :-/

java blogPaul — Exception Handling, My 2-Cents.

java blogMorgan — Don't stare at the Eclipse.

java blogSteve — BC4J Toy Store Demo.

javaAntenna 0.9.8, a a set of Ant tasks for developing J2ME/MIDP applications based on the J2ME Wireless Toolkit.


netTechies are the top email bullies. One in five IT workers persistently receive emails that ‘harass or demean’.

linuxGrowing trust in Linux not reflected in sales. No growth in overall usage despite increased confidence.

javaThe XML Apache Project has released Xerces-J 2.4.0, an open source XML parser for Java.

pdaLotus Notes und der Zaurus. NoteSync.

macQui va fabriquer les iBook?

wirelessMicrosoft releases Windows update to handle Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

java blogMatt — [Tomcat 4.1.x] Authentication Best Practices.

macHaving fun on April 1st with SSH. Absolutely nasty...

technologyVein Pattern Bio-Metric System. Fujitsu announced the world's first human vein pattern recognition system.

moblogAdam — cdma over gsm.

blogJoi — Book on legal tax evasion banned in US.

newsOregon Open Source Legislation Update. HB 2892.

javaBEA upgrades the WebLogic Platform. Version 8.1.


javaBASIC Java. Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

java blogJesus — Introducir Objeto Null (Introduce Null Object).

java blogCharles —

moblogPetri — Time for Wire-free mobile phones.

java blogAnthony — Article: Two Critical Tips for Unit Testing in Java.

blogDiego — more on version control.

blogMatt — Pointers From a Weekend Offline.

pdaMacromedia Flash Player 6 Now Available for Pocket PC 2002. Pocket Flash.

moblogFrank — Nokia Digital Pen.

mobileNfld. cellphone law in effect tomorrow. Newfoundland drivers will have to keep their hands off their cellphones or face a fine beginning tomorrow.

gadgetsHuman Transporter sales move slowly. Is that it?


pdaOpenZaurus 3.2 Released.

java blogCharles — Java Pointers : Topical Java Resources.

moblogDiego — a dick tracy world.

java blogMatt — Hibern8 IDE, StrutsCX Article and Cool TagLib Document.

java blogGreg — Directory Compare: Another Eclipse Goodie.

blogBen — Awesome resume.

java blogMatthew — IntelliJ 3.0.3 Seems To Work Perfectly with OS X.

java blogSylvain — sunBow 1.0 released.

javaPDFDoclet 0.4.2, a Javadoc Doclet which produces PDF output for a given Java API.

moblogBryce — SD WiFi not coming soon.

pdaIBM Chooses Qtopia over Palm and Microsoft. Qtopia, the OS of choice for the Sharp Zaurus handhelds.

technologyFlash Memory And Its future. Crisis of limits looms for memory chips.

java blogFred — Flixed Point Mathin J2ME.

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (Presentation): Don't forget the rich client.

macADC publishes Safari Developer FAQ.

wirelessBluetooth Guide. Tom's Hardware Guide report on Bluetooth.

netMore Headaches for Sendmail.

developmentOpen Source needs centralized PR, not development.

java blogMylène — Invest in J2EE or .NET in these times?.

blogDanny — 200,000 bugs.

meIf you ever want to clear/reset your Windows DNS cache issue the following command:
    ipconfig /registerdns

I learned that one the hard way.

On March 31 1889 — In Paris, the Eiffel Tower officially opened.