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December 30, 2002



java2002 ONJava Top 5.

blogDiego — lord of the geeks.

macApple's 10-K Filing.

pcTechTV's Tablet PC picks. Toshiba Portege 3500.

blogDuncan — WiFi in Europe.

newsCES: Samsung to unveil 54 inch high-definition LCD.

blogScott — Is Google on vacation too?


javaTutorial: Fine-tuning Abstraction.

blogSteve — Fall-out from MS Win and IE with Java?

blogHenri — Cynical Java MS view.

blogUgo — Great customer service.

blogBob — jAdvise 0.2.3 and Contributing to Javassist.

blogDuncan — Happy 2005!

blogJeremy — Yahoo! Weblogs.

blogRuss — Ericsson: TelecomTV.

blogSam — Command line RSS validation.

blogCharles — java.blogs bug. Same problem here.

javaJBooks, a Java-based personal finance application.

javaDevelopment News Highlights.
  • NewJ Library transforms Java to C++.
  • Ephox ships content authoring app.
  • Velare Technologies launches Discorso.
  • JCP issues final release of JSR 90. GOBS separates Java apps into modules.
  • Codagen transforms UML into code.
  • Orient Technologies releases ODBMS Just Edition 2.0.
newsCareerJournal: How to Get Employers To Read Your Resume.


blogJames — Eclipse tip of the day: organizing imports in your java source files.

blogJeremy — Murphy's Law of Shipping.

AdultThe Best & Worst of Sex in 2002.

linuxCVS 1.11.4, the Concurrent Versioning System.

newsDetails Emerge in Sendo/Microsoft Dispute. Sendo's suit alleges that Microsoft “plundered” Sendo's intellectual property.

newsBankruptcies set a record. U.S. public companies shattered bankruptcy records for a second straight year.

newsSprint likely to follow AT&T, MCI rate hikes.

macApple files color-changing device patent.

macJNIAltivec for Mac OS 10.2, a Java native library and interface to use Altivec (G4 velocity engine) vector processor.

javaSourceCafe, a Java Source Code Generator that generates up to 80% of your web application development code from a database schema.

blogHenri — commons-logging Taglib and Useful snippets.

blogMartin — Java development with Ant.

blogTed — JNLP and security.

blogMike — NetTime.


personalI'm in a constant state of daze. Puffy eyes, nasal congestion, body aches.
I'm not big on drugs, but Alka-Seltzer's cold medicine seems to give me about 3 hours of reprieve, which is enough to get some work done.

My mind is working overtime, but my body can't keep up. There is no doubt about it, the older I get the more I hate being sick.
javaJBuilder Version 8 is less inspiring than its predecessors.

javaej-technologies releases exe4j 1.1, a Java exe maker.

blog Tangosol Coherence 2.0 released. JCache-compliant clustered data management.

booksReview: Red Hat Linux 8 Bible.

blogUgo — Broken books.

blogBen — Things to do with RSS 1.0.

blogCameron — The Perfect Parser: i.

blogPatrick — A First Look at Java Server Faces, Part II...

blogJames — Eclipsing .Net.

blogMatt — Hibernate 1.2.1 Released!

blogRuss — MMS = SMIL.

blogFred — Hacking ReplayTV and Dave Winer-Bad Userland service is a Business Opportunity.

blogGlen — Personal License for IntelliJ Idea.

blogRobert — JXTA Comes of Age.

javaJSuperChat IM Client 0.9.1228, a cross-service, cross-platform IM client.

macMacWorld San Francisco 2003 Rumors.

netBritney loses out to PlayStation. According to Yahoo. 

technologyWireless predictions for 2003.

netKazaa's file-swapping structure stymies opponents. Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla and Priit Kasesalu are the creators of Kazaa.

blogErik — Customer Service.

blogMatt — News Roundup.

macQuickbooks 5.0 is fatally flawed.

javaJSwat 2.12, a standalone, graphical Java debugger front-end, written to use the JPDA.

On December 30 1953, The first color TV sets went on sale for about $1,175.