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December 24, 2002

'Tis the Day...


usWe're taking the rest of the day off. We just finished wrapping the last gift and are slowly getting ready to head out for an early dinner at Vicki' sister. Happy Xmas Eve!

macApple Win32 to OS X Porting Guide.

blogBrian — Objects Aren't Polymorphic!

blogChris — Reading blogs.

blogMatt — Cayenne Java persistence framework.

macConfirmation: Entourage X is sold separately from Office v.X.


blogShakeel — Development for Developers.

technologyDvorak misses the mark. John has been missing the mark for years. Long gone are the rebel days.

javaJPassGen 1.04, a password generator which can create strong and secure passwords.

newsOwner-triggered ‘smart guns’ get nod. I just can't believe the technology doesn't exists yet.

perlBuilding WML Gadgets: A Calendar.

moviesMoviegoers getting giant look at ‘Hulk’. Apparently Hulk looks good.


javaSafeguard your XML-based messages. Create secure Web services with Apache XML Security.

blogBob — So-called ‘source code’.

blogKieft — Using .NET to spite Java.

blogMatt — Blogging vs. journalism.

blogFred — Suns Two Towers of Microsoft Leverage.

blogKenneth— Screen Scraper Java Screen Scraping Tool.

netAmazon comes top in poll. Amazon, eBay and DooYoo. Doo Who?

technologyBring on the Web services war. Stratton Sclavos, VeriSign's CEO.

technologySanDisk, Micron settle legal spat. The dispute began in October 2001 when SanDisk accused Micron of infringing a patent covering flash memory.

pdaReview: Palm's Tungsten T Handheld. Tungsten T gives Clié a run for your money.

newsThe Top Science Stories of 2002. It's been a productive year for science and technology.

pcSony Ships First Terabyte Tape Drives. S-AIT.

On December 24 1865, Several veterans of the Confederate Army formed a private social club in Pulaski, TN, called the Ku Klux Klan.