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Erik's Pulse: 2005-03-22

 The Pulse
Erik C. Thauvin maintains a blog, as well as one of the web's first and most popular linkblogs, which he updates daily with the latest Java and technology news.

Erik C. ThauvinPicks of the Week:

Tip of the Week:

How-to: Embed Tomcat in a Standalone Java Application

Tutorial of the Week:

Use Jython to Exercise Java APIs Without Compiling

Notable Software Releases:

ActiveCluster 1.0 Blitz JavaSpaces 1.07 (Pure Java Edition) Blitz JavaSpaces 2.1.19 (Server Edition)
Cayenne 1.2M3 Cobertura 1.2 con:cern 2.0
Ekspos 0.8 eXo Platform Eclipse plugin 1.0.1 Fulgora 0.1
GTGE 0.2.2 Guiffy SureMerge 7.0 IntelliUML Teresa 1.2
J2ME Polish 1.2.4 J2Native 1.0 Java SOS 4.25
JavaSVN 0.8.6 jbum 1.4 JChemPaint 2.0.10
Jess 6.1p8 JGraph 5.4.3 JGraph Layout Pro 1.0
JGraphAddons 1.0.7 JGui 1.22 JGui 1.24
JLicense 2.6.2 JNIWrapper 2.8.5 and JExplorer 1.3 JPOX 1.1.0-beta-2
JXTA P2P 2.1 Mevenide for Netbeans 0.6 Mule 1.0-rc3
OpenNMS 1.2.1 PJO 1.0 RIFE 1.0rc1
Sleep 2.0b2 WebRender 3.0 WebRenderer 3.0
WebRenderer 3.0 Xito BootStrap 0.8.1 xsddoc 0.7b

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Erik C. Thauvin

This story was published in the March 22, 2005 issue of the Javalobby Newsletter.