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2/19/18 Twits du Jour (February 18)
Google Pixel 2 international giveaway @AndroidAuth #giveaway # I'm at Walmart in Everett, WA # Brunch (@ Mazatlan Res...
2/18/18 Twits du Jour (February 17)
I'm at Family History Center in Bellevue, WA #
2/16/18 Twits du Jour (February 15)
I'm at Burgermaster in Bellevue, WA # Summary of Kotlin Programmer Dictionary # I'm at Family History Center in B...
2/15/18 Twits du Jour (February 14)
I'm at McDonald's in Everett, WA # Snohomish Knitters Guild meeting (@ The Waltz Building) # I'm at Cit...
2/14/18 Twits du Jour (February 13)
I'm at Costco Food Court in Eastmont, WA # I'm at Costco Wholesale in Everett, WA # I'm at Everett Fami...
2/8/18 Twits du Jour (February 7)
I'm at UW Medicine Northwest Hospital & Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center in Seattle, WA # I'm at Northwest Hospital in Sea...
2/7/18 Twits du Jour (February 6)
I'm at CC Teriyaki in Everett, WA #
2/5/18 Twits du Jour (February 4)
Google Pixel 2 XL international giveaway @AndroidAuth #giveaway #
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