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2/15/16 Room with a View...
I got to walk around my floor at the Harborview Medical Center... Even took a few pictures... Last we heard, surgery is tomorrow. Not confirmed, yet.
2/13/16 I have a tube up my nose!
So I was admitted to the Harborview Medical Center after a trip to the ER last night. They found a 5cm mass at the top of my colon, that needs to be surgical...
7/8/13 Cardiosport Rocks!
I bought my Cardiosport GT3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch back in 2008...
6/13/13 Oh, the places I've gone.
Foursquare crunched the numbers on all my check-ins (ever!).
7/13/12 Hailing
Just for a few minutes, pea-size...
5/13/12 Moving to GitHub
I just moved all of my CVS & Subversion repositories over to GitHub.
2/7/12 Acrophobia at the Movies
I'm definitely afraid of heights.
1/15/12 Feel vs. Fill: Auto Correct Wins!
Pretty funny, even when it happens to me.
5/2/02 Bio
My bio...
12/14/00 Erik's PGP Key
My PGP Key
12/1/00 FAQ
Welcome to my " I " page!