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7/30/15 Twits du Jour (July 29)
Crazy Auto Insurance Rates: Your DUI May Matter Less Than Credit Score # Tweet #HONOR & #FORTHEBRAVE on Twitter! #
7/29/15 Twits du Jour (July 28)
I'm at @Jimmy_Macs Roadhouse in Everett, WA # I'm at @PacificFabrics & Crafts in Everett, WA # I'm at @...
7/28/15 Twits du Jour (July 27)
I'm at @TheUPSStore in Everett, WA # Wow. Comcast is giving the 1% faster Internet. What about the rest of us? Take action:
7/27/15 Twits du Jour (July 26)
I'm at @Costco in Everett, WA # Websites, Please Stop Blocking Password Managers. It's 2015 # Samsung Galaxy S6 I...
7/26/15 Twits du Jour (July 25)
I'm on the reservation list for OnePlus invite! Sign up for yours today.… #
7/25/15 Twits du Jour (July 24)
I've entered to win an ASUS Chromebook Flip with @MakeUseOf !… #giveaway #competition # Is it a Chromebook? Is it tablet? NO, IT...
7/24/15 Twits du Jour (July 23)
New Legislation Would Cap Checked-Baggage Fees At $4.50 #
7/23/15 Twits du Jour (July 22)
Help me win the IPV3-Li + Ni-200 RTA Giveaway # You Need to Burn 7,000 Calories to Lose a Pound, Not 3,500 # The clock is ticking...
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