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3/27/15 Twits du Jour (March 26)
I'm at @Applebees in Bellevue, WA # I'm at Family History Center in Bellevue, WA # I'm at Jack In The B...
3/26/15 Twits du Jour (March 25)
Antibiotic Use in Meat Production Soars, Despite Health Risks #
3/25/15 Twits du Jour (March 24)
I'm at @Jimmy_Macs Roadhouse in Everett, WA #
3/23/15 Twits du Jour (March 22)
I'm at Preston in Preston, WA # I'm at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) in Seatac, WA # I'm a...
3/22/15 Twits du Jour (March 21)
I'm at @LaPalmeraFMR in Everett, WA # One Year After Java 8's Release, IDEs and Compilers are not Fully Ready Yet #
3/20/15 Twits du Jour (March 19)
I'm at @Applebees in Everett, WA # I'm at Everett Fire Department - Station #4 in Everett, WA #
3/18/15 Twits du Jour (March 17)
I'm at @Costco in Everett, WA # I'm at Everett Family History Center, LDS in Everett, WA # Just complet...
3/17/15 Twits du Jour (March 16)
Fahrenheit Is a Better Temperature Scale Than Celsius # Daily Coffee Consumption May Help You Avoid Clogged Arteries #
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