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5/30/15 Twits du Jour (May 29)
American Credit Cards Are Most Popular In The World For Hacks, Fraud (Because Our Tech Stinks) # I'm at @goldencorral in Marysville, WA swar...
5/29/15 Twits du Jour (May 28)
Google May Have Left The Best Android "M" Feature Out Of The Keynote: Automatic App Data Backup And Restore # Android M Developer Preview &...
5/28/15 Twits du Jour (May 27)
The real thing: The Coke bottle at 100 # I just entered to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from @SamsungMobile & @fatwallet! # Ap...
5/27/15 Twits du Jour (May 26)
@bgalbs We're actually in south Everett, but I'd pick Mukilteo if we were moving again, nicer, especially if you like walking/running. # I'm at Mukilteo Publ...
5/26/15 Twits du Jour (May 25)
Ok, that's cool... #
5/25/15 Twits du Jour (May 24)
I'm at Marysville, WA in Marysville, WA # I'm at Mukilteo Public Library - @snoislelibrary in Mukilteo, WA
5/24/15 Twits du Jour (May 23)
I'm at Everett Public Library - @eplstweets in Everett, WA # I'm at @TheUPSStore in Everett, WA # I'm a...
5/23/15 Twits du Jour (May 22)
Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief # I'm at @Jimmy_Macs Roadhouse in Everett, WA # Daredevil Should Be Nam...
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