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11/25/15 Twits du Jour (November 24)
I'm at Mad Cow Yarn in Bothell, WA #
11/24/15 Twits du Jour (November 23)
Comcast Can Interrupt Your Web Browsing With Warnings About Potentially Illegal File-Sharing # Android Studio 2.0 Preview #
11/23/15 Twits du Jour (November 22)
Dinner with Kim (@ Chang's Mongolian Grill in Everett, WA) # LG V10 International Giveaway @AndroidAuth #
11/22/15 Twits du Jour (November 21)
I'm at A-1 Casino Storage in Everett, WA #
11/21/15 Twits du Jour (November 20)
I'm at @TheUPSStore in Everett, WA # I'm at All Animal & Bird Alternatives in Marysville, WA # I'm at D...
11/20/15 Twits du Jour (November 19)
I'm at @Applebees in Bellevue, WA # I'm at Family History Center in Bellevue, WA # I'm at Family Histor...
11/19/15 Twits du Jour (November 18)
FTC Bans Wire Transfers, Reloadable Cash Cards, And Payment Orders In Phone Transactions # I'm at All Animal & Bird Alternatives in Marysvil...
11/18/15 Twits du Jour (November 17)
Feds File Criminal, Civil Cases Against More Than 100 Supplement Companies # Birthday Dinner (@ The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen - @TheRockWFK in...
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