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7/14/16 Hospital on Fire
That's what happens when the fire department is called at a hospital. Didn't last long, false alarm.
7/8/16 Chemo: Day 21
Lucky number 13...
7/4/16 4th of July BBQ
Good times, food & friends.
6/30/16 Chemo: Round 2
Just picked them up. I'm off starting tomorrow, then starting again next Friday.
6/22/16 Stephen West's Trunk Show
At Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation
6/17/16 Chemo Pod
That was Bay 22.
6/17/16 Chemo: Day 1
Here we go...
6/10/16 Chest Port
Placement done. Having a boxed lunch while the conscious sedation is wearing off.
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