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1/20/16 Siding Repairs Update
We found a lot of rot around the belly bands, etc. It'll probably take at least another couple weeks to get it all fixed.
1/8/16 Rot
As expected, we found rot. Not as bad as the other side was; we'll know more soon.
1/7/16 Siding Inspection
Finally getting around to looking at the other side...
1/3/16 Trying to snow...
Might stick too.
12/24/15 Xmas Bread Pudding
Baked it bright and early. No crème anglaise, just a simple glaze this time.
12/19/15 Faith
We just picked up her up from the Everett Animal Shelter for Old Dog Haven...
12/17/15 The force will awake soon...
10:20 show is going to be packed, line out the doors...
11/23/15 Decks Pressure Washing
Depending on tomorrow's weather, we may have to finish on Friday.
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