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January 2, 2004



blogMatthew — European domains anyone?

java blogEric — Running Groovy Scripts From Java Applications.

blogMike — Downloading Music Encouraging CD Purchasing and Musicians That Give Away Music.

blogJames — Looking Back, Looking Forward.

blogBrent — CSS in RSS (yet again).

javaTM4J 0.9.0 alpha 2, a topic map engine implemented entirely in Java.

macMacWorld San Francisco 2004 Rumor Roundup. miniPods, etc.

gadgetsThe first five SPOT watches. Smart Personal Object Technology.

blogLaurent — Killing COM - The Managed Code Saga.

blogoh god not again: on piracy. [via dive into mark b-links]

blogTim — My Wired News Wishes for 2004.

pcSun and IBM to lead 64-bit boom. On AMD's back.

musicMP3 Winners and Losers for 2003. Richard Menta over at just posted his annual winners and losers list in digital music for last year.


newsDamn hard quiz. King William's College annual quiz.

blogMatt — Roundup: Clearing the Buffer.

moblogRael — Using Merlin GPRS card with a PowerBook.

pcCalifornia bans front seat laptop use.. As of January 1, 2004 the State of California has banned the use of notebook computers used anywhere in the front seat of a moving vehicle.

moblogEmily — Crackdown In Cinemas.

blogDavid — Blog The Vote: Fourth Annual Weblog Awards.

java blogNick — String concatenation using + operator considered bad..

java blogBruce — Java Toolset.

blogPrabhu — Accessing Yahoo Using POP3.

java blogWerner — Java Open Source Programming (with Xdoclet,JUnit, WebWork, Hibernate): "a missed opportunity".

java blogBill — Predictions for 2004.

blogNorman — Some rare browser innovation.

java blogCedric — Pico-puzzled.

blogScott — PayPal Europe to Launch Soon.

blogChristoph — CodeBeautifier with UltraEdit Wordfiles for Perl,PHP and MT.

blogTristan — 2004 Predictions.

javaDateChooser 1.1.2. A Calendar input dialog widget for Java.

blogMike — Who's Surfing Internet Porn? Might Not Be Who You Would Expect.

netSpain Has 2.2 Million Broadband Internet Lines. 4th highest number in the European Union.

java blogCarlos — Pico-challenged.

moblogRui — MIDP Woes, AppleScript? Goodies.


javaSmile, the open source JavaServer Faces implementation.

javaJACK. Java All Class reference Kit, an API explorer.

java blogKeith — ICQ support coming.

java blogPunit — Tips for Better EJB Performance.

java blogBruce — Why we use Ant (or: NIH).

blogBill — Word to XHTML again.

macMacWorld San Francisco 2004 Rumor Roundup.  A summary of the major rumors circulating around the Mac Web.

booksReview: Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition.

multimediaReview of the Roku. PC Magazine review of the Roku HD1000.

musicUS album sales continue to fall. CD sales in the US drop 2.1% in 2003, although there are signs of recovery for the music business.

blogFrank — On USB stick usability.

blogStefan — Victoria's Secret Show 2003.

net2004 bloggies are open! The Bloggies are publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs

windowsPreview: Windows XP Service Pack 2.

net'Healthcare spam' heads junk mail. Triple-X action, Viagra and diet pills dominated spam e-mails in 2003, according to AOL research.

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