Erik's Weblog 2.0

July 20, 2003

Weekend Update


java blogDavid — OSCache 2.0.0 (beta 1) available.

java blogFred — Confusion over J2ME on ARM and PocketPC.

javaJRefactory 2.7.06, my favorite Java code refactoring tool.

linuxSCO readies new Linux licensing program. InfoWorld speculates...

movies“Bad Boys’ take custody of box office. $46.7 million.

moblogEwan — OPL Over The Air.

blogBruce — The Ideal Programmer.

java blogHani — J2EE deployment woes and Week in review.


developmentMorphon XML-Editor and Morphon CSS-Editor. Both now offered under a free license.

javaSQL Entity EJB Wrapper to Simplify EJB Development. This article shares a design pattern that generalizes the use of entity EJBs to simplify EJB development.

java blogCarlos — Will Software Patents Destroy The U.S. Software Industry? and Why Can't Locking Be Abstracted Away?

moblogPetri — Both mobile network sales and courage are down.

java blogCartsen — The best persistence framework?

java blogRusty — Sun's posted the second proposed final draft J2ME Web Services Specification.

java blogScott — JUnit ClassLoader proposed fix.

blogLuke — RSS moves a step.

java blogJason — RSSLibJ Taglib Update.

java blogMark — Beggegator 0.14.

java blogZulfikar — Alternative Names for Open Source Java Projects.

blogMatt — John Robb Is Back.

blogBill — Satellite and Tivo?

blogJoi — Software and music piracy linked to terrorism.

moblogMitch — Nokia 3650 Phone and ATT Wireless, or Why do I Feel Like Such a Dummy?

java blogRafe — New Eclipse features.

javaJTopas 0.7, Java tokenizer and parser tools.