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July 4, 2003

Happy 4th of July!


javaNavigate through virtual worlds using Java 3D. Use level-of-detail and fly-through behaviors.

javaSolve the date-selection problem once and for all. Implement a date-selection widget using the Decorator pattern.

java blogEric — Generics in Java.

blogMatt — O'Reilly PHP SOAP Tutorial and 2.6 Is Coming.

moblogGlenn — Cable Operators Wise Up to Wi-Fi.

java blogRusty — JaxMe 1.63, yet another open source Java/XML binding and Version 1.1 of Gnude, the Gnu Development Environment.

java blogMats— JavaBlogs down... again.

java blogDidier — Livre en français sur Eclipse : Développement J2EE avec Eclipse et WSAD.

java blogArjun — Oppurtunity: Mobile applications in India.

blogCheah — Anime goodness.

blogBen — Fetch Art.

blogChris — Artima's Buzz – good or bad?

blogBill — Persona Hash Key?

blogSimon — Simple Python Sockets.

blogKenneth — Urgent Microsoft Vulnerability.

java blogNicola — Is SWT *really* faster than Swing?

java blogDave — Kata Ten: Hashes vs. Classes.

blogJean-Philippe — Too much sex... even on cool websites.

java blogAaron — A Multiagent System Assisting Software Developers.

javajPOS 1.4.6, a Java based ISO-8583 implementation that can be used to setup financial interchanges.

javaSableVM 1.0.9, a portable bytecode interpreter.

javaJcache Alpha 2, a Java Caching Service.

javaJSP TestRunner 0.3, a tag library for performing JUnit test cases from a JSP page.

macOmni Group releases OmniWeb 4.5b2.

windowsOpera for Windows with Java 7.20 Beta 1 Released.

tvPlasma vs. LCD price war. With LCD televisions getting bigger, better, and cheaper every year, it looks like we're on the cusp of a price war breaking out...

netEarth to Andreessen: browser innovation is at hand. Think Different.

newsCourt worried over Microsoft compliance. 'Numerous concerns'

java blogHani — JDJ: By Advertisers, for Advertisers.

blogJoi — AOL blogs revealed.


moblogDiego — ozzie on mobility.

blogFrançois — IE, CSS & TEXTAREA: l'enfer!

moblogFrank — More WLAN fun.

pdaSAP partners with Sharp to sell Zaurus. SAP, Sharp Take Aim at Mobile Business Services.

pdaSAP partners with Sharp to sell Zaurus. SAP, Sharp Take Aim at Mobile Business Services.

java blogDebashish — Pessimistic Java.

java blogCesar — Software Developer Job Interviews.

java blogSergio — IE on SWT.

blogBrent — Blogger to the rescue.

java blogMatthew — Poor Atlassian SysAdmins.

blogStefan — Netflix Now an Acquisition Target?

javamyJCQ 0.2, a simple ICQ client written in Java.

wirelessRF remote for the iPod. RemoteRemote.

wirelessStudy: Wi-Fi users still don't encrypt. Silly Billies.

linuxLinux hackers crack Xbox console. Microsoft threatens legal action and accuses group of encouraging piracy.

On July 4, 1776 — The amended Declaration of Independence, prepared by Thomas Jefferson, was approved and signed by John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress in America.