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January 2, 2003

I Can't Drive 55


developmentLearning To SMILe. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.

linuxFile Synchronization With Rsync. Save time on data transfers between hosts with rsync.

blogJeff — Everything you ever wanted to know about HDTV.

blogBill — back on java.blogs.

blogMark — The year in review.

blogErik — Fink Rocks!.

blogBrent — NetNewsWire Pro 1.0b5.

blogRuss — RSS to NNTP Demo:

blogGlen — Are Java Developers Cheapskates?

mobileMicrosoft-powered phone takes off. HTC's Falcon.

tvSONICblue's ReplayTV 5000. SONICblue's ReplayTV 5000 changed my life.

tvDirecTV secrets allegedly pilfered. The FBI arrested a college student for allegedly sending stolen information about satellite TV access cards to a Web site.


blogMatt — I'm FOAFed.

blogNiel — J2EE and J2SE Programming Examples and In Search of free alternatives to XML Spy.

blogRuss — P800 Reviews.

javaJ2EE Year in Review. 2002 is marked by the release of J2SE 1.4...

blogSylvain — Disneyland queue management.

technologySun giving away new version of StarOffice. Sun Microsystems Denmark.


newsTop 10 celebrity excuses.

blogCarlos — Java Game Emulators Soon To Explode.

blogFx — Puttin a sun server to good use.

blogBill — Agile Software Development: review.

blogRick — Goals for the New Year.

musicEuropean Copyrights. European music copyrights from the '50s due to expire this year.

blogRuss — I've been FOAFed.

pdaDan Gillmore predicts a PDA from Apple in 2003.

technologyCray ships first Cray X1 system with IBM chips.

linuxAWStats 5.3 has been released. Advanced Web Statistics.


javaStruts 1.1 Beta released.

javaObjectAssembler 2.5 Enterprise Beta. Sporting a Revamped Pattern Workspace.

javaApollo. An Open Source Test Skeleton Toolkit for Web Start Released.

blogWilliam — 5 Predictions for 2003.

mobileSanyo SCP-5300 gets Java from Aplix.

blogJeff — Putting my money where my mouth is...

blogDiego — spaces alpha-1.6.

blogAlan — New Years Resolutions ...

blogAnthony — Thanks...

blogBill — Predictions for 2003.

blogBob — drools 2.0-beta-9.

blogAdam — us tv shows no longer hits.

blogBen — The Guardian Survival Guide.

blogMark — The lies can be categorized.

blogJim — New Year's Resolutions.

blogEric — Eclipse M4 Chews CPU Resources?

blogJeremy — What Should I Do With My Life?

blogRobert — Sharp Zaurus -- worth it?

blogMatt — ArrayList vs. Vector - which is better for webapps?

blogRuss — I need to post about...

blogFred — How was New Years?

blogSam — What bright idea will hatch next?

technologyWired's Vaporware list for 2002.

blogCharles — How to Write Like a Wanker.

blogTed — Five predictions for 2003.

macApple releases iCal update, iSync 1.0.

macA reader warning about iCal 1.0.1.

macFlat-panel iMac production to be terminated?

pcExperts: Best time to buy a PC is now.

pcToshiba's Tablet PC selling better than expected.

pdaPalm: The Year in Review.

blogJames — Quest for the perfect news aggregator.

blogMike — Bitter Session States.

technologySSH Putty Exploit Code Posted.

On January 2 1974. U.S. President Richard M. Nixon signed a bill requiring all states to lower the maximum speed limit to 55 MPH. The law was intended to conserve gasoline supplies during an embargo imposed by Arab oil-producing countries. Federal speed limits were abolished in 1995.