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November 28, 2002

Happy Turkey Day!


meHappy Turkey Day! I'm off to prepare my bird and bake a pie...


humorSinging Horses flash movie. Click on each Horse to make him perform!

javaNew JSR's: Java Compiler API and Class Compression Format.

java[email protected] 4.0, IBM XML Certification Test Simulator released.

blogMatt — Oslo - New Project admin tool.

blogSjoerd — RSS to RDF Converter.

blogWerner — using Clover on deployed J2EE apps.

javaSuperWaba 3.3, a JavaVM for PalmOS devices.

newsAnger as Microsoft hires EU official.

newsNew worm adds insult to injury.

newsDNA jewelry: A gift that screams you.

javaThe rise and rise of Websphere.


meToo many Java blogs?

JavaBlogs.Com Error


javaJoost STX processor, an open source implementation of the Streaming Transformation for XML language.

javaZaval File Search 1.3.0, an open source local area network tool designed for fast file search on SMB shares and FTP servers.

newsBond Gadgets Not Just Movie Magic.'s Phoenix Project To Be Renamed.

blogRoman — Java libraries - all-at-one-place!

playboyMy name is... Oh, forget it.


todayThanksgiving turkey flash animation.

javaTaglibtools, a package of utility tools for custom tag library developers.

javaSalsa, a collection of Swing add-ons.

newsAmnesty Calls Shenannigans on MS, Sun, Cisco.

tvEchoStar Plan to Get Hughes Is Revised. Dish Networks is trying to buy DirectTV.

javaRoman — Guess-what 683 guess-what... New IDEA build!