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January 3, 2001

A day without news...

I was too busy working on a new project to update my weblog yesterday. A day without news is not a bad way to start the new millennium with. ;)

Euro continues rise. Talk about virtual money.

Dave Winer has an interesting story on meeting Bill Gates at Comdex back in 1987.

Salon's Crystal Ball. Salon makes its predictions for 2001.

AT&T plans big cable TV rate hike. This will be affecting us. Rates keep on increasing but the service is not getting any better. Welcome to "because we can" corporate America.

Macintosh: Audion 2.1. Hopefully it'll fix the crashes I've been experiencing.

FileMaker to discontinue HomePage. Anybody actually surprised by this? They haven't updated HomePage in years.

Linux 2.4 kernel almost ready In a note sent to testers on New Year's Eve, Torvalds acknowledged that he was unable to make good on his commitment to deliver a final release of 2.4 by December.

Losers of the Year.

Intel inside the portable gadget market. With an ugly 128MB MP3 Pocket Concert Audio player priced at $299.99? Intel is no doubt on top of the world, at least they firmly believe so. Watch them fall slowly.

Microsoft and Gates face $5bn class action suit. Evil Empire vs. worthless suit.