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December 31, 2000


Since there was nothing interesting at the movies, we decided to rent a few DVDs and videos yesterday. So far we've watched 28 Days, which was better than we both expected, and The Storm Riders, which had a weak story line but featured an interesting blend of martial arts and cool special effects.

Adam Curry's prediction for 2001. I'm predicting Adam will let his hair grow back in 2001. ;-P

Official preliminary report of Air France Concorde Crash. "During the take-off run the front right tyre of the left main landing gear was destroyed between V1 and VR, very probably because it ran over a piece of metal. The destruction of the tyre caused damage, either directly or indirectly, to the aircraft structure and systems, leading to the crash less than one minute and thirty seconds after the destruction of the tyre."

I scored 345 on Archie McPhee's Nerd test.

President will be Citizen Clinton. As weird as it sounds, I'm actually interested in what he'll be doing next. I bet ya I won't care when Bush is ousted in 2004.

Chauvinist moms, deranged marriages, lesbian sperm donors, and more. Salon's pick of the best Mothers Who Think stories of 2000. I miss my mom, I like having her around for the holidays. ;-)

Think you're strange? Check out these oddball tidbits.

No computing news today. We've had enough of them during the whole year.

Song of the week: I Need You by LeAnn Rimes. Even though our favorite radio station plays it every hour or so, I still like the song.

Have a great last day of the year. See you next millennium.