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Erik C. ThauvinNov 13, 2010

Vaughn. Ditto on the 'old fart'.

I've lost touch with everybody over the years, although I did marry Vicki. ;-)


Vaughn S CorderoNov 12, 2010

Molt bé. All is good - i have a modest utility that keeps me fed and allows me to travel - I have a _grandson_ living in IDF/Yvelines Dept., so I will soon go to 'géler mes c******s' in December. FWIW I usually spend my day in sunny San Juan PR.

In contrast to early 90s I now feel like an fortysomething 'old fart.' Speaking of which, did you keep in touch with 'Unk' D. Reid or any other old fart from those GEnie days?

Erik C. ThauvinOct 28, 2010

Hey Vaughn. LTNS, indeed. How goes it?

BCN vs. France... To be frank; don't want to be too close to the family. ;-)

Vaughn S CorderoOct 24, 2010

Bonsoir and LTNS, Erik. Its been many years since the GEnie Mac RT, eh?

Not that I have anything against BCN, ES; but why not back to la France, mon ami?

SymbianOct 9, 2007

Interesting posts, some worth to read.

RussJul 25, 2007


Don't go away now, you're just starting to be amusing! 14yo stalkers rule!


Erik AldersJul 23, 2007

I'm back. However, I am disappointed that you didn't at least try to find me. I guess that declares me victorious by default. Well, fuck you. I can't really be bothered to spend much time on a blog by some fucking pussy who can't even come up with a good comeback against a fourteen-year-old. So long, fuckers!

a guyApr 5, 2007

Erik Alders - you suck more :p

ErikApr 3, 2007

How I wish to be at the top of Google for Erik.
Sweet Layout by the way. :)